The Garden Revisited (Again.) :P

So I was doing some work today. And then I wanted to take a break after 3 hours of straight hardcore buckling down. So I decided to sift through some of the photos from the first photoshoot I had ever done in the botanical gardens back in June. You can see a slew of unedited ones here and a small set of processed ones with text here. And then I decided to process some of those untouched photos.

I'm not sure why I liked this last photo. I think its because half the petals are in focus and the other half are blurry, and the lines on the many leaves behind it make a lovely design. Perhaps I should crop out the pink petals peeking out of the top and bottom of the picture but I dislike cropping for some reason.
All this work has been forcing me to leave (Eric's) camera all lonely and abandoned :( Which makes me sad because it is totally an outlet for my creative juices. Sighs.
Eric needed his dslr back for a wedding he was shooting, so until he's done processing all those pictures, maybe I'll gather up the courage to whip out his film camera that he let me borrow. (Nuts, right?) He said the lens isn't very good on that one but honestly, I don't really care. Its the fun of shooting and processing really makes me excited. Plus I always like a challenge! :P All the harder I'll try to create something interesting...right? If all else fails...I still have Eric's trusty P&S.
I really need to get my own gear. (Sorry Eric!) Or maybe I'll buy a sick lens that Eric and I can both use instead of a whole 'nother body. Hmm....
On another note, I feel like I'm running out of subjects to snap.
 Maybe I'll start doing some self-set up/ designed still life pictures, since all of my photographs are caught by chance.

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