Sunday Afternoon Fun.

I brought the camera along for the purpose of taking pictures of the city, but I figured I'd take some photos of Monmouth Park while I was there. I really didn't like any of the pictures I took today, so it was a tad disappointing -- which makes processing less exciting. (Which is why most of them are lightly processed, a few sooc.) I feel like most of them looked like they could have been taken with a P&S. Oh well, it was good practice I suppose, shrugs.

The bottom left picture of the set above are fried jalapeno poppers -- jalapenos wrapped in bacon and deep fried. I turned down the offer to try one, which I deeply regret. Heard it was amazing. I also had a slow-roasted hot dog. And some pulled pork/brisket. I would never fare well as foodie or a food critic -- if my taste buds could talk, they would say "meh" after most meals. Maybe I just need to savor my food more often to learn how to appreciate it.
Ive seen this bottle before (it has this creepy, unforgettable label of a headless horseman) but never tried it until yesterday. Pumpkin beer, it was good.

I walked around the betting station in between races. I should have gotten closer to take pictures of the horses!
After the races, we went pinballing. For two hours. There had to have been 200 some pinball machines from all different eras but mostly from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Pretty cool!

I think it's time to read the manual and get used to all the terminology. When it comes down to it, I still have no clue how to wield this camera.

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