Floral Fixation.

An unglamorous day of running errands. Stopped into the supermarket for a quick grocery run with my family and I moseyed over to have a look at the flowers. Ah, the suburbs.
I'm jealous of people in NYC who have constant access to a huge variety of gorgeous flowers (and sold by the stem to boot!) Anyways, these flowers are pretty common in the typical grocery store in the suburbs.
I tried to reduce the noise as much as I could in Photoshop but I'm not sure if it made that much of a difference. Anyone know what gives? Suggestions?
If anyone reads this thing, I hope you have a great weekend ;)


  1. is the orange tint intentional? comes up as slightly orange heavy in my tablet and mac
    but pics look great nonetheless!

    for noise i hear that noiseninja is good, but i dont tihnk it's free. i'm sure there are noise reduction actions too...but if it were me, i'd focus on decreasing the color of the noise rather than the luminance of the noise (intensity)...if u reduce color, itll just look grainy which im sure is something u wouldnt mind

  2. Uh oh, I just took a look at these pics on the iPad and it looks a lot warmer than it does on my laptop. I've had this issue before and calibrated my monitor but seems like there's still a problem. Aggravating!