Earth Day Festival

I'm so surprised that I had never stumbled into Bayonet Farm until yesterday, considering that I live less than 10 minutes away. What a hidden gem in NJ! The Earth Day Festival was being held there yesterday, so Stephie, Eric, and I decided to drop in to see what adventures we could find. I love places that are scenic, unique, and educational (museum, aquarium, and planetarium lover right here) so this place was right up my street. We had SO MUCH FUN and I really hope to take my kids here one day. This place was definitely geared towards families with younger children, but there was plenty of entertainment for us adults. But who am I kidding, I felt like a kid again. We were falling over ourselves laughing at the reptile show. The wildlife educator was hilarious. We had a guide take us through a short history of a very small, apple-whiskey brewery that the original owners kept hidden. So many great and fun things to do here. I highly recommend!

See that adorable bird on the left? It can do a cute little trick. Watch the video below to see what it does when I hand it a dollar. By the way, I figured out how to fix the quality of my videos and rid of that black border. Finally :P

On the way to the petting zoo!

Below: Food for us hungry festival-goers! My adorable twin sister on the left :)
An adorable kitten! One of my favorite pictures of the day -- taken by Eric. I couldn't get the exposure right, so he was so kind to demonstrate and teach me. Thanks EC! 

The reptile show was hands down the best part of the festival. Dominic Rizzo, pictured below, is AWESOME. Equipped with well-secured boxes containing the coolest animals, great connection with kids, a wealth of interesting facts, and a kicking sense of humor, this guy is ridiculously entertaining.  If I weren't 22, I would seriously consider inviting him to my next birthday party! Haha it was that good. Visit his website here.
 Hope this brightens your Monday. Until next time!


  1. Oh my gosh, there's too much cuteness going on in this post! Haha, love the 'sup' from the alpaca/llama fellow. So cool that you have a twin!

  2. Thanks steve!

    great pics dear :)