At Blackfish

I decided to take a break from my challenges this week to do some re-evaluating. For me, this whole blog is for learning, growing, and enjoying myself, so I'd rather post something genuine that I put good effort into instead of posting anything just to get it in by the end of the day. Anyways, that's my blurb for this week.

 Onto the photos! I was browsing through my archives and I came across these photos taken back in May. I enjoy taking photos of food but I usually don't like to post them. However, I think I'll be taking on a food photography challenge in the upcoming weeks -- so I thought I'd whet your appetites.

In early May, Eric had made reservations for us at Blackfish. Since this meal was two long months ago and our reservation was at 9:45 PM (for the record, we were in PA running errands that evening...we aren't THAT crazy to travel so far just for a meal!) I can't remember too many details from that night. I remember what I enjoyed and didn't enjoy about the meal but I won't be talking about that here since this is not the place for that.

Anyways, enjoy! Eric shot all the landscape photos and I took all the portrait photos. I remember him saying that he didn't like his photos from this night, but I think he did a great job!

Left: amuse bouche - chilled english pea soup Right: (top left corner) foie gras soup 

(For those of you who plan on eating here - there is a tasting menu but we opted to order off of the menu. I don't remember what Eric ordered but I'll take my best guesses by looking at the menu =x)

montauk fluke crudo, daikon, breakfast radish, ponzu
 day boat scallops, salsa verde, chicory, grapefruit
Left: magret duck breast, saffron-onion, haricot verts, cherries, duck jus
salmon confit, royal trumpet, pork belly, white asparagus, pink peppercorn vierge

Unfortunately, our dinner got cut short. I got pretty sick so we skipped dessert and went straight home. Not exactly an ideal way to end the night. But I fondly think back of this night because I was definitely in great company :) 
Looks like I'll be starting a "food" label! Have a great weekend guys!


  1. oh my goodness that looks delicious!

  2. Don't order the salmon guys! it made both of us sick within 1-2 bites!

    great pics dear :)

  3. @Jen Jennnn let's schedule our own dinner date sooon! :)

    @Eric I keep debating whether it was because we had it sitting under the lamp for too long...or whether it was ever under a lamp at all. Eep ><