The Flower Farm

I remember my dad came running over to me one day and said in his thick Chinese Accent, "Tiffany, I want you to buy some Irish seeds for my garden." Confused, I responded, "Uh...Irish seeds? What are Irish seeds?" He brought over a book of paintings and with a stern look on his face, points to a flower. "I want to plant Monet's favorite flower, the Irish." My mouth upturned into a grin and I laughed, "Dad, it's called an Iris." A childish fit of giggles proceeded to assault my insides. Of course, my dad, with his indifferent demeanor, nodded and walked away, taking a piece of my heart with him.

 I like to think that my fascination with gardens and nature was passed onto me from my dad. He's been obsessed with all kinds of art for as long as I can remember and every flower planted in his garden is inspired by a painting or an artist. I like to think that its in my blood to take an interest in such things.

Anyways, I spotted a flower farm recently and I made a pit stop to take some photos. My favorite photo opps are the unexpected ones. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful summer's day :)

My favorite shots from this shoot are the ones below.
The farm grows vegetables as well. They were closing up shop before I could get around to shooting the barns, but perhaps I'll come back another day. By the way, I jumped through hoops to get this last photo! Don't ask what happened but it involved massive mosquito bites and a severe reprimand from a policeman. Oops.
Have a fantastic weekend, you guys!


  1. the farm stands are all so cute! and i really do like that last image too! the trees in the bg look really cool.

  2. i absolutely love all these pictures...the last one is awesome. should have posted the story!