Tiffany's Eye Candy || Week 51 of 52

A funny thing about me is that I never actually WANT beautiful things -- I just want to look at them. (Can I get a witness on this one?) I derive so much enjoyment from simply admiring a beautiful pattern or a unique piece of jewelry that owning it could not bring me anymore pleasure. Mind you, I'm one of those people who absolutely hate a full closet of clothing, shoes, or jewelry -- having less means less mess and less stress.
That being said, I still do collect a mental catalog of items that I love. I thought that it would be a good idea to take a few of those items out of my mental closet and post them here. Plus, I love any excuse to do a little blogpost designing. 

Click the numbers below to find the image sources or where you can purchase the items if you feel so inclined.
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Rachel Roy Earrings: I love it when someone turns a common object into something special.
Kate Spade Necklace: I've been drawn towards very short necklace lengths recently, especially collar necklaces and delicate chokers. Even though the bow necklace shown is long, I like to imagine that it has a 14" length.
Kate Spade Bangle: As you can probably tell from my blog color scheme or my favorite everyday wear, I love a gray, white, and gold combination. 

Thinking of making this a weekly segment on the blog. After this hectic holiday season, I could use a little more routine around here.
Until next time :)

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  1. very chic!
    i agree with you - i love to flip through catalogs, but not actually buy anything!