The Rope Series: Bouquet Holder

Welcome to The Rope Series. This month, I'll be focusing on creative and easy ways of using rope in your decorations. This series was inspired by a wedding I had designed a few weeks ago. The couple really liked the idea of using rope within their decorations, so I created this bouquet holder for their ceremony chairs. I hope you'll enjoy the tutorials using rope this month.

You'll need the following supplies:
ONE. Cut wrapping paper roll to desired length of bouquet holder
TWO. Hot glue the rope to the paper roll, wrapping in coils
craftological tip: apply extra hot glue for the first few and last few coils to ensure that the rope will not unravel

THREE. Continue to wrap the entire length of the roll and cut off the excess rope
FOUR.  If you wish to hang the bouquet, cut a piece of rope to make a strap for the holder
FIVE. Hot glue the two ends of the rope to the inside of the paper roll
SIX. Place bouquet in and hang!

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