The Rope Series: Nautical Knots Centerpiece

Brainstorming for this month's Rope Series, I knew there would be at least one sailor knot thrown into the mix. (Perfect for when you're about to "tie the knot" eh? ;) Every fourth of July, I obsess over nautical styles for a few weeks. I was experimenting with different knots this week and found that this one, called the "Monkey's fist" or "Monkey's paw," was aesthetically one of my favorites. In this nautical knots centerpiece, I used a thinner rope because it is much more flexible for tying and a paler color to give it a lighter, breezier nautical vibe.

I searched on Youtube for a tutorial on how to make this knot and I wanted to give credit where it was due, so please refer to forresttrenaman's monkey's fist tutorial.

I did make a few small changes to mine though. I wanted my knots to be small and light, so I didn't add a ball or weight in the center. Also, after tying the knots, I snipped off the extra rope on the ends and tucked them inside.

Centerpiece element

Rope - Found at Home Depot
Cylindrical Vase - Found at Michaels
Cardstock - Found at Michaels
Optional: Martha Stewart Nautical Stencil - Found at Michaels

ONE. Tie knots using the Youtube tutorial above.
TWO. Place knots into a glass vase
THREE. Paint a nautical image such as a boat, anchor, or ship wheel onto thick paper and place into vase to decorate.

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