Sunday Afternoon in the City

When I'm in the city, I usually don't wander around East Village. But on Saturday night, I caught a glimpse of the area and decided that it would be nice to visit during light hours. So, the twin and I trekked out there on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold out. I could barely feel my hands and feet so I decided that we had to stop into a cafe for a hot drink. By this time, I saw the word "coffee" on a front sign and just pushed my way through the doors without a second thought. I ordered some tea and got in some photo-practice while we waited for our hands to thaw.
Most of the baristas here had that personality mix of nice/indifferent that I often come across in this part of town. I know I don't venture out here often enough to make a fair judgment, but in my short experience, a lot of people here give off this endearing artsy "up-turned nose" vibe, if you know what I'm saying. (I don't mean any offense!) I will say, though, there was this one lady behind the counter who exchanged pleasantries with customers-- I love that. I wish more people did that these days. On my way out, I stole a glance at the full name of the coffee shop: Bowery Coffee. Definitely a cozy place to stumble into. :)

And then a few outdoor photos. I barely brought the camera out when we were walking because my hands were so cold!

We passed by this adorable place nearby called Peels and I really wanted to stop in there as well. Unfortunately, they were closed at 4 for some private event.  Next time!
P.S Go Giants!

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  1. endearing upturned nose
    haha interesting mix of positive and negative connotative words

    where's that arch from?