Point & Shoot

Eric needed his dslr back for a project he was working on, so I used a point and shoot for these photos. Excuse the lower quality photos! Since I can't get great quality with a point and shoot, I figured I'd focus on composition more than anything.

It was kinda disappointing how the photos look alright during processing, but after saving and uploading, the image becomes pixelated and the text is virtually unreadable (see above.) Originally, I had created "red + yellow = orange" graphic designs, but I ended up scrapping it all because the quality was so bad. Hope you'll still enjoy the short post!
By the way, that tissue paper flower tutorial won't be coming as soon as I thought, but stay tuned! Should be fun :)


  1. What beautiful photos! Yeah, once I got my dslr, it is kind of hard to go back to a point-and-shoot ... but you did a fabulous job with these photos! They are simply lovely! I love the muted lighting, very pretty.

    And thanks for your comment on my blog today! I left you a reply there, but I just wanted to bop over here too and let you know I appreciated it! :)

    Happy blogging,

    1. The eye is on the beholder. It's an excellent process.

  2. i love the colors....you did great with a point and shoot. more proof you beat the socks off of my pictures!

  3. btw how do you resize? make sure you resample after you're done resizing it