NY Botanical Gardens Part II

Here we are again -- Part II of the NY Botanical Gardens. My favorite part of the show was the fountain below with those flowers hanging down. Beautiful!
I had to cut a lot of photos from this post simply because they didn't flow and make sense with the rest of the photos. Sorry if this post seems a little choppy but I did what I could ;)
Above Right: Eric took this fantastic shot of this little girl, SOOC. Adorable, right? At the same moment, I was being sneakers and took the photo on the left.

Left: photo by Eric!

I attempted an action shot of this little girl running by me. Focusing on a moving target is really difficult! How do sports photographers do it?!
This last shot was another SOOC from Eric. 
Hope you enjoyed Part II!


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing the shots from both you and Eric, showing different perspectives. The last one with you fuzzy in the background is awesome!

  2. Hey! I'm going to be in New York during the first week of May. Is the Botanical Garden worth the trip or are there more gardens in Manhattan/Brooklyn that are just as nice?

  3. @Patricia Yes, I remember you saying you were visiting! I'm obsessed with gardens & flowers so I would say that its worth the trip if you're really into that as well. I'd really recommend going for a special exhibition (open for a limited time) if you really want to get the most out of your visit to the NYBG...but unfortunately, the recent orchid show just closed this week :( But there are still great things to see since the gardens are enormous. I've never visited any of the other gardens in NY so I can't compare, but I've spotted a few community gardens that are hidden gems within the city.

    I'd recommend visiting the High Line as well! It's not the most exciting sight to see but it definitely has a great view and it isn't too crowded with tourists. Good food around that area as well.

    How long will you be staying? I know you'll be hectic running from place to place but if you'll have the time (which I would understand if you didnt!) I would love to meet up for an hour :)