Wey and Kevhe

When the flowers start to bloom, that's a cue to toss those gray Winter layers behind and bust into some beautiful colors. There is no doubt that my two wonderful models, Wey and Kevhe, know how to turn my camera to butter :) After processing these, I had to resist the urge to cover these photos with text boxes arrows pointing to every curve that God has blessed these girls with. Gorgeous, yes? 

Look at these flirts working the camera! ;)

We decided to shoot a second outfit in an open field near our first site. The sun was setting and I had to capture that glow on them.
This was my first time seriously shooting portraits, and I took MANY mental notes on areas I need to improve (photography-wise and physically! :P) But seriously, these girls are such a pleasure to work with. They practically did my job for me :)


  1. These are awesome! Love the scenery and the sun set. I tried taking portraits of a friend the other day and turns out I have a lot to learn about that, ha. Well done!

  2. finally, portraits! keep it up dear great job :)

  3. @Stephanie Thanks Stephanie! haha we're definitely in the same boat but we both gotta start somewhere, right? :)

    @Eric Thanks for your support dear!

  4. Great job! The first pic was a very good choice