Spring Awakens

I love walking outside after a long gray winter and finally seeing COLOR! I knew I wouldn't have time to shoot after work today, so I took a walk outside during my lunch break and captured some sights for my sore eyes. 

Oof, I've been exhausted and getting restless sleep this past week. Everytime 9pm rolls around the clock, my head starts to feel heavy and I start dragging my feet. I guess that's what stress does to me. Looking forward to much needed recharging this weekend -- you'll have to wait to find out where I'll be on Saturday! 


  1. Beautiful photos! That'd be a fun way to spend a lunch break.

    Thank you so much for leaving words of encouragement on my blog...pretty much made my day!

  2. Red Maple, Acer Rubrum
    Some average Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum
    Cornus florida - White Flowering Dogwood

    :) your pictures are beautiful and really manage to capture spring's essence. tell the person who planted the Japanese Maple to plant one of these: Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon'