NY Botanical Gardens Part I

This past Saturday, Eric and I finally were able to wander the NY Botanical Gardens. We planned to visit them a few weeks back but had to reschedule (and ended up spending our time at Union Square for our impromptu Union Square date.) I've been anticipating this date since Winter, and now that Spring flowers are in full bloom, I was too giddy to make our way over. Eric planned this date for me, and we went especially for the Orchid Show. You can imagine how many photos we took over the 5 hours we spent there -- which is why I decided to divide the photos into multiple posts. 
So here we go, part I. Of course, we must start with a "this is us." photo. I was all smiles the whole time :)

These bleeding heart flowers are so cool! I've only seen them in photos, so I was excited to see them in real life.
The photos on the right of the two photos above were shot by Eric. I'm envious of his skill with the camera! His photos never need touch ups, almost always SOOC.

And a sneak peak of Part II...
 Happy Monday!

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