The Cat in the Hat

I've missed this little space of mine :) Out of all the blogs and chaos out there on the webosphere, it's nice to come back and have a small space to call my own.
I love decorating for events and parties, but the opportunity to do so doesn't come often. My good friend Jen was having a BBQ for her graduation and I thought that volunteering to decorate would be a fun way to show some love for her! Her boyfriend Vince suggested a "Dr. Seuss" theme, and from there we narrowed it down to a "The Cat in the Hat" theme. Great idea, Vince!
 Since I am on a budget, (really -- who isn't, these days?) all decorations were made with construction paper and a box. So, it was all virtually free for me. Win :)
Sorry for the text-heavy post ahead!

The hats took a while to make but were totally worth it. I wanted an accordion-style hat instead of the typical boring cylindrical top hat, so I put in the extra time and effort to fold two hats inspired by the one worn by Dr. Seuss' cat.  A quick google search led me to this tutorial. The bows were simple to make as well. Using this template, I eyeballed the shapes and just cut them out. The "books" were just two ends of a decorated box. For the confetti, I simply layered a red, black, and white sheet of construction paper on top of each other and took a hole-puncher to them all at once. Quick and easy.
I did "splurge" on one thing though. I traveled all the way to Princeton for those red and white striped straws shown on the left. (Yes, I actually got excited about a $5 set of straws and drove 45 mins to get them -- I have no shame!) The photo would have looked better if there was milk instead of water, but really, who drinks milk at a BBQ? No one does! And finally, I used a fishbowl as a vase for some flowers and added a little paper goldfish in there. I wish I had gotten more creative with that little guy since he has to be my favorite character :)

I'll be making frequent posts to catch up on documenting some recent occasions! Until then!

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  1. Hi Tiff! You're so talented! I love the hats and straws :)