Bokeh Challenge: Sunday

 I had so much fun with last week's challenge that I thought that I'd take on another challenge for the new week! This time around, I'll be focusing on bokeh (heh heh) and thinking up of creative ways of including bokeh into my photos.
I was pretty happy about being behind the camera instead of in front! I asked my sister to be my model today (YAY!) and we had some fun in the front yard. I spotted that watering can shown as I was walking around the house and  knew that I wanted to shoot some water bokeh for today's photo. Also, I love the bokeh in Stephie's dress in the photo above!

Below are two outtakes. Before shooting, the photo I imagined was something like the one on the right. Unfortunately, I cut off the watering can and the bokeh circles are too large and not defined enough :( 

I asked Stephie to stand far behind the flowers so that she would be the same size as the flowers in this last photo. I had a "God uses little people to do big things" kind of inspiration behind this picture. If I can think of a more appropriate caption, maybe I'll add some text into the photo later. Any suggestions are welcome!
Catch you tomorrow! Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day! :)

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