Bokeh Challenge: Tuesday

Eep, rushing to get this in before midnight! 
My mom received 6 cartons of blueberries from her friend, who had them home-grown. Usually I don't like blueberries all that much, but these were the most amazing blueberries I have ever tasted. I may or may not have finished 2.5 cartons on my own =X
I love this bowl. In case you can't tell, the bowl has blueberries painted on it :P
I'm a stinker for set ups like the one above, even though this type of shot is so overdone. Oh well! Saw the opportunity and went for it. :P Until tomorrow!


  1. ooh i'm not familiar with her work but i just searched her up and i love her posts! i take that as a big compliment ;)

  2. i like the graphic design on the top left. any reason why you didnt do a middle row of white circles? nothing wrong with that, just picking your brain!