Revisiting the Union Square Greenmarket

Greenmarkets are among my favorite places to shoot. On my way to meeting with Lois, I stopped by the Union Square Greenmarket. The last time I was here, it was early spring and Eric shot all of the photos from that set. Hey eric, looking back at that post, I think we need another "this is us photo" asap!
Usually, I lean towards shooting very light photos, but  I loved the dark shadows under the tents so I shot for some moody photos.

The first photo in this set reminded me of my Valentines Tulip photos. I can't believe how quickly 2012 is speeding by! Anyways, until tomorrow :)


  1. I'm really starting to believe that you are incapable of taking a bad photo. Every single one of your pictures is GORGEOUS. Like should be in a magazine type gorgeous.

    I am going to NY this weekend and you are getting me so excited. I'm definitely going to be stopping by this market, I love things like this.