The Faux Flower Series: Billy Button (Craspedia) Flowers

Billy buttons (or Craspedia) are one of my favorite flowers. Their unique shape and bright yellow color make any bouquet or centerpiece a little more modern and energetic. I've made a vase of these as a centerpiece for my coffee table, but they would be a wonderful addition to a sweet bride's wedding. Read more to learn how to create them below!

You'll need: Brands I used:
Yarn (Fine Weight) Lion Brand Bonbons Yarn from Michaels
Crochet Hook Boye 3.5MM hook from Jo-Ann
Floral Wire Stem Ashland 18 Gauge from Michaels
Hot Glue Gun with Hot Glue Sticks ArtMinds from Michaels
Tapestry Needle
Bobby Pin

You’ll need to know how to read crochet patterns to follow instructions
make a magic ring, chain 1
round 1: 6 sc into the ring (6 st)
round 2: 2 sc in each st around (12 st)
round 3: (sc in the next st, 2 sc in the next st) around (18 st)
round 4-6: sc in each st around (18 st)
round 7: (sc in the next st, invdec) around (12 st)
sc = single crochet
st = stitch
invdec = invisible decrease

two. stuff with cottonballs

three. pierce the cottonball with floral stem wire and affix using a dot of hot glue

four. round 8: invdec (6 st)

five. fasten off. stitch hole closed and weave in the end
Check back next time for another tutorial. Thank you for reading!

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