The Faux Flower Series: Yarn Pom-Pom Flowers

Spring is finally here! There are so many faux flower tutorials out there so it took weeks of experimenting with origami, crochet, crepe paper and other materials in order to design something simple and that hasn't been done before. I also filmed a very colorful spring-themed video tutorial. Watch the video or continue reading to learn how to make them!

You'll need: Brands I used:
Floral Wire Stem Ashland 18 Gauge from Michaels
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks ArtMinds from Michaels
Yarn (Medium Weight) in two colors

one. Begin wrapping the yellow yarn around two fingers 60 times and then snip off from the ball of yarn. Concentrate the yarn at the center of your fingers and keep it below 2" wide

two. Wrap the white yarn around and over the yellow yarn 120 times and then snip off from the ball of yarn. Keep the width below 3" wide

three. Cut a small length of white yarn and thread it through the center of the wrapped yarn. Double knot very tightly to secure it

four. Cut all the loops

five. Gather the yellow yarn and trim to about 1/2" tall.
six. Trim the white yarn to about 1" tall. If the petals are too full, feel free to pull out some strands
seven. Attach the wire stem to the back of the flower using a dab of hot glue
This will be the final tutorial from the faux flower series. Next time, I'll be introducing a new series and tutorial. Thank you for reading!

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