The Woodland Series: Faux Mushrooms

When designing Woodland Creature-themed decorations, I knew that I wanted to include these beautiful mushrooms. They add a bright pop of color and whimsy to the theme. The challenge with these mushrooms was figuring out what materials to use to make them stand upright. The cap of a real mushroom is so much wider and heavier than the stem, so if both the cap and the stem were made out of a soft material such as clay, wool roving, or yarn, it would fall right over. In the end, I decided to use Model Magic, a lightweight air dry clay, for the mushroom cap and a cork for the stem. I hope you enjoy them!

You'll need: Brands I used:
Air Dry Clay (Polymer Clay works as well) Crayola® Model Magic in Pink Rose from Michaels
Cork Stoppers MAKEMarket from Michaels
Acrylic Paint Craftsmart® in White and Tuscan Red from Michaels
Glue You can use any kind of glue but
I used a hot glue gun from ArtMinds from Michaels

one. Roll a ball of clay and mold into the shape of a mushroom cap. You can also mold the clay around a round object to achieve a dome shape more easily. It's easiest if you use red colored clay but you can use any color you have, as we can paint over it later. Let dry completely.

two. Paint the underside of your dried mushroom cap white. Use the excess paint on the brush to paint the cork white. I used a paintbrush with coarse bristles to get a more realistic, streaky texture.

three. Paint the top of the mushroom cap red using a smooth bristled paintbrush. Of course, if you used red model magic, you can skip this. Add white dots to the cap using a small pointed round brush.

four. Once all the paint has dried, glue the cork to the underside of the mushroom cap.
This was such a fun tutorial to shoot and create. Thank you for reading!

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