The Woodland Series: Birch Bark Vase

Happy 2016! I don't usually make new year's resolutions but I'm hoping to be able to post more often this year and stretch my videography wings. If you've seen my archives, you'll notice that this was the first year that I really dove into making video tutorials. I love creating content for this blog, but I only post as often as I can think of a craft that I haven't seen before. Hopefully, there will be many lit lightbulbs above my head this year.
I'm kicking off the new year with the last tutorial in the woodland series: a birch bark vase. I became interested in faux bois when I was designing a wedding a few years ago. Real wood can be expensive, heavy to transport, and difficult to work with if you don't have access to the right tools, so the idea of making something look like wood was appealing to me. For this tutorial, I decided to make birch tree bark. As opposed to the typically rustic look of faux bois, birch tree bark looks very fresh and modern to me.
Since I was only going to use this vase once, I opted for a cardboard container. A more permanent solution would be to use a glass vase but be sure to clean the surface well before painting and use acrylic enamel paint (that doesn't require heat to don't want to apply heat to the tape!) if you want the paint to last. I hope you enjoy the tutorial below!

You'll need: Brands I used:
I used a Pringles can but any kind of cylindrical container will do
Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint Craftsmart® in White, Golden Brown, and Espresso from Michaels
Sponge and paintbrushes

one. Apply strips of masking tape to the cylinder, working unevenly to give it a rough and wrinkled texture.
two. Paint the cylinder light brown. Apply 1-2 coats depending on how opaque your paint is.


three. Sponge on one coat of white paint.
four. Paint random thin streaks of dark brown. Make some streaks thinner and lighter than others; this will make your bark look more realistic.


Thank you for reading!

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