The Woodland Series: Crepe Paper Christmas Trees

Welcome to the Woodland Series! I created a set of Woodland Creature-themed decorations for a baby shower recently and decided to take it to the blog. This theme is perfect for Fall and Winter, when you want something cute, whimsical, and season-appropriate. I thought of a simple and easy tree DIY, which can be used to build a paper forest or to make a table a little more festive as a Christmas Tree (you could glue on some glittery pom poms as ornaments!) Please enjoy!

You'll need: Brands I used:
Crepe Paper Streamer in FESTIVE GREEN from Party City
Cardstock Recollections® from Michaels
Glue You can use any kind of glue but
I used a hot glue gun from ArtMinds from Michaels

one. Roll a sheet of cardstock into a cone. Tape to secure the shape and trim the bottom so that the cone can stand upright.

two. Cut a length of crepe paper streamer. Fold in half multiple times and fringe. Unravel the fringed streamer. You may need to repeat Step 2 a few times to cover an entire tree.


three. Glue on the fringed streamer in layers, working from the bottom to the top of the cone.
TIP: For fuller layers, wrap each layer twice.

There you have it! There are so many ways to customize these trees. You could use different colored streamers, gild it or adorn with mini christmas decorations. Thank you for reading!

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